“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

St Francis of Assisi

Our Technology

At SD Care (London), we dream of a world where every health care worker can be freed from mundane tasks through automation so that they can spend more time with those they look after.

Technology is changing the way we provide care for people in the community. We work to high quality standards and leverage on information technology to automate business processes. We firmly believe that quality, technology and innovation are the key drivers of productivity.

We run our business by prioritising the needs of clients and staff using a healthcare model that is based on providing compassionate care with maximum business efficiency. We work to high quality standards and leverage on information technology to automate business processes. We firmly believe that quality, technology and innovation are the key drivers of productivity.

Care Management with Birdie Care

Birdie Care manages all our Care Management and Care Delivery, through enquiry to assessments and care planning.

Care planning and provision are updated in real-time so care-givers know exactly the support required and when to deliver that support for each client. The care-givers use e-MAR to access medication requirements, including dosage and risks. Care-givers can now write daily activities straight onto the app which allows us to identify any medication errors quickly and take actions promptly. Previously, we completed all these notes on paper, which meant we could not pick up on medication errors quickly. Ever since the notes are digitised, they are securely stored and we can avoid unauthorised accesses or being misplaced. Service users or their families can also request access to care plans and assessments, daily dairies, or relevant documentation easily. For more information, please click here.

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Care Analytics with Looker

Birdie Analytics is a tool that collaborates with Looker to provide key analytics for our Care Management and Care Delivery. It collects all the data from our rostering system to all the data our carers input on the app. This means that Birdie Analytics is the number one tool when it comes to evaluating our performance. Our analytics tool includes 27+ dashboards to help us gather evidence and complete audits which helps us stay on track with our progress.

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Looker Data Analytics

Call Scheduling & Monitoring with CarePlanner

For our Call Scheduling and Monitoring, we use CarePlanner which allows care workers and supervisors to view their rotas for the next 7 days either on their phone, tablet, or computer where they confirm each appointment.

Service users can be comfortable in knowing that all calls are monitored in real time and that we will be notified if any visit is not completed. Our simplest electronic call monitoring solution is for care workers to simply log when they start or end a call by tapping a button on the CarePlanner Mobile App. Even if they do not have an internet connection at the time, the app will record the visit and upload it to the CarePlanner system when the signal returns. We also have NFC technology and hardware tokens for areas with poor signal. The mobile app will also record the care worker’s location at the time they pressed the button, which is then visible on a map in the CarePlanner system. We receive confirmation of completed calls or explanations for non-completed appointments in real time. This is to ensure continuity of care and provide a safe service to our service users. CarePlanner also automates our back-end processes such as rostering and invoicing, which improves efficiency and allows us to focus on what is really important – providing high-quality care to all our service users. Data protection and confidentiality are very important to us. The system uses the same encryption as online banking and is GDPR-compliant.

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Care Planner Appointment
Care Planner Rostering
Care Planner Interface

Quality Compliance Systems by QCS

Quality Compliance Systems (QCS) includes the UK’s leading bespoke policies, procedures, and management toolkits for the Care Sector.

We use QCS for managing our individual policies and procedures that enable us to meet our compliance obligations and run our care business as efficiently as possible. With over 2300+ pages, we have access to a wide range of policies that cover all aspects of care and support. All our staff have access to these policies to be aware of and remain up-to-date on all key policies. This easy-to-use system allows us to easily view thousands of relevant policies from our phones, tablets, and computers. For more information, please click here.

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Quality Management Systems by DNV-GL

As an ISO 9001 certified company by DNV-GL, we focus on our quality management systems that enhance our ability to deliver services that meet customer – as well as statutory and regulatory requirements consistently.

DNV-GL’s comprehensive audits and assessments provide benchmark feedback and critical guidance on important metrics including corporate responsibility, environmental impact, safety, and quality. We are always improving our Quality Management Systems to meet these high standards. Therefore, our customers can be confident in knowing that we have implemented the necessary internal processes to meet these obligations. For more information, please click here.

Quality Management Systems - Certified & Audited by DNV


HRLocker helps us in automating timesheets, managing leaves and absences, and maintaining the employee database, directly from the browser – without having to rely on paper forms and spreadsheets.

  • Time Management: Enables the workforce to fill out timesheets manually and have a clock-in and clock-out system.
  • Holiday Management: Time Off module allows us to manage holidays and annual leave for each department, team, and individual easily and quickly.
  • Employee Database: Centralise our employee database and export easily as and when required.
  • Self-Service Portal: Staff can log in and manage their own personal information and even request holidays.
  • Absence Tracking: Tracking absence and spotting negative trends before they have a chance to get any bigger.
  • Document Management: Helps to create documents, distribute them and enable staff signatures on policies, procedures, and contracts.

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HRLocker Timesheet
HRLocker Leave Management
HRLocker Document Database

Care Skills Academy

Our job as the UK’s leading online health and social care training provider is to help you deliver quality care by training your staff to the highest standards. And by doing that we aim to boost standards across the UK, because – as a company that’s run by care providers – we know that good care comes from good training.

That is why, we strive to deliver our learners the best eLearning experience possible and we work very hard to achieve accreditation and certification from the UK’s leading independent bodies, which hold us to account and prove the quality of our service. In turn, this helps you demonstrate compliance – as you can show your staff is trained by an independently assessed and accredited company.

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CareSkills Academy
Care Skills Academy


Monday.com is a cloud-based platform that allows us to create our own applications and project management software. Monday.com gives us greater visibility into staff’s day-to-day performance to ensure their success from day one.

Manage and optimize our employee recruiting processes – Streamline internal planning and coordination with hiring managers. Easily track where candidates are in the process with a record of each stage.

Onboarding process – Make onboarding new employees a smooth and enjoyable experience for every new employee. Adapt a ready-made template to your company’s onboarding process and quickly adjust as your process evolves.

Employee well-being – Boost overall morale with engaging activities that keep employees happy. Create a yearly plan for and gather feedback for each activity.

Manage the performance review process – We use monday.com’s employee management system to handle meetings and keep track of outcomes.

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We use Tableau Analytics for all our analyses and data visualisations to discover hidden insights within minutes.

All our raw data is used to create reports and dashboards with the software’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop designer. We use Tableau to improve our efficiency in terms of care and support provided and identify risks and trends – which in turn improves the quality of care we provide for our clients. As the system is based on the Cloud, we can ensure that all our data is updated in real-time. We also share or publish our findings with others to create a more transparent learning environment.

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